If you really like Max Payne but wish there were more games like it, then you'll probably get a real gut-check kick out of a new title from indie developer Bootdisk Revolution. The name of the game? Bleed. It's a fun-loving side-scroller that's all about bullet-ballet and utilizing bullet-time to unleash a firestorm of lead into suspecting and unsuspecting foes in equal measure.

The game has found its way onto Steam's Greenlight platform where it's seeking the approval of the gaming community at large in order to secure a place on Valve's prime-time digital distribution store. You can check out the game in action with the brief teaser trailer below.

Could the protagonist of the game be a new heroine in the action genre to put all those sexist comments to rest? Nope.

Still, the game looks like a ton of fun and I'm shocked we haven't seen more bullet-time games about. I guess they just aren't the “In” thing the way they were back in the early 2000s when Remedy's Max Payne first made his debut and got everyone all riled up coming off the huge success of The Matrix.

If you like what you saw above and you're willing to see this game take root and gain some ground as a legitimate action title on Steam, be sure to show your support over on the official Greenlight page for Bleed.

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