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Borderlands 2 Avoids Sexualized Females, Ramps Up The Bad Guys

In most video games the common place depiction of female characters is big boobs, no personality and lots of leather or barely any leather at all. I think Dead or Alive is the epitome of overly sexualized female characters. Well, Gearbox wanted to avoid that with Borderlands 2, aiming more-so for diversity, originality and fun above all else.

VG 24/7 managed to get in some questions about Borderlands 2, which is set for release during the middle of next month for home consoles and PC, and Gearbox Software's Sam Clay talks candidly about some of the things they wanted to mix up and change around for one of Gearbox's best selling first-person shooters.

I know that the game received a bit of typical rage and flack over a misinterpreted statement labeled as “Girlfriend Mode” which isn't really called “Girlfriend Mode” but comes from a skill tree-set for the Mechromancer DLC character class that's actually called “Best Friends Forever”, as indicated in a pro-feminist article over at the Guardian. So I assume Clay was on a bit of damage control in the above video.

Moving on...Borderlands 2 will sport a bajillion or a bazillion guns, I can't remember which one it is but ALL the guns that have been on display in the videos just look downright amazing. I can't wait to play the game and it seems to be a gun-fanatics fantasy game come true.

I also love the fact that each manufacture represents a different style of gunplay, as the team has acknowledged that some manufactures will represent classic run-and-gun style play, others will support energy-style weapons like Unreal while others will be housed in classic bad-guy bust-downs like Doom or Lucasarts' Outlaws (as indicated by most of Jakobs' weapons).

Borderlands 2 is set for release on September 18th in North America along with the soundtrack, and September 21st internationally. You need more info or an option to pre-order the crap out of this game? Here I'll help you out a bit, just busy your clicking fingers on over to the Official Website.

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