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Brand new footage of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has been made available for the general public from back at PAX East, this year.

The footage details some of the new changes to the gameplay dynamics, including the way the new gravity features work, the new laser weapons, and some of the new skills.

Now I've never really been all that impressed with any of Borderlands' RPG-style skill trees. I mean, it's nice to have but a lot of times it just seems kind of out of way and superfluous to the overall gameplay agenda. I am pleased to say that in the Pre-Sequel it looks like some of the skills are actually kind of a blast to use, especially Athena's Stalwart skill that enables her to throw her Grecian Aspis around like Captain America's shield.

It's very similar to Mordecai's Bloodwing skill from the original Borderlands, which was like 200 pieces of DLC ago, but it operates on a couple of different facets: First of all, you can't just throw the shield, it has to charge up first. This requires players to take a lot of damage – either from other enemies or from friendly fire – and then use the aggro to throw the shield back at enemies. It's a pretty cool skill, especially when it's leveled up properly.

Being able to block and throw the shield at multiple opponents really does mirror the likes of Captain America and his shield throw. I'm sold.

It's also interesting because for anyone wanting to play more female soldier types in Borderlands who aren't healers... well, here you go.

As for the other partners in crime... we don't get to see much of Wilhelm, other than that we find out that in the pre-sequel he has to work his way up to turn into ED-209. Players will unlock additional mechanized appendages to stack on Wilhelm as he goes from simple soldier into a cyborg killing machine.

There's also a playable Claptrap tagging along for the ride, but again, we don't get to see much of him or Wilhelm. They're mostly relegated to playing second-fiddle to Athena and that kick-butt Aspis.

The game looks kind of fun, but I just don't get the whole milking the 360 and PS3? I mean, the Xbox One is out there dying on account of software dehydration like an Alaskan in the Sahara desert without any water.

I don't see how they expect people to adopt the new consoles when a lot of the good games aren't coming out for them or aren't taking any advantages of their advancements in hardware tech. It's a bit frustrating.

Even still, if I do decide to get Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel it certainly won't be for the worn-out, tired, and hospice-ridden geriatric twins. PC all the way.

You can look for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to launch this fall for the seventh-gen console war veterans and the Glorious PC. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the official website.

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