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Shortly after EA announced that they would be supporting Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and Gambitious projects (in other words, crowd-sourced indie games) a small furor broke out amongst gaming's aged and old core fans (it was a hollow furor with short gasps of breath and mostly fumes instead of flames).

Well, inXile Entertainment's lead, Brian Fargo, took to Twitter to assuage gamers that Wasteland 2, a crowd-sourced game, is not an Origin exclusive and that EA's distribution service is just one of many that they will support upon the game's final release.

Quite naturally, a raging peaceful discussion broke out on the Wasteland 2 forums. The old, haggled, worn out core gamers from the Golden Era brushed the ash off their finger tips and the dust from their eyelids to calmly protest on the forums about potentially and politely requesting a refund if Wasteland 2 happened to be an Origin exclusive.

Fargo, quick to extinguish the forming cloud of geriatric gamer rage, issued the following statement on Twitter, in response to an inquisitive young fellow asking about the possibility of Wasteland 2 being an Origin exclusive...
It is absolutely NOT going to be exclusive on Origin. They are just one of many digital stores we will support.

Well there you go. Wipe the crusty sweat stains off your furrowed brows, and crack those dried tears off your sagging eyes dear Golden Era gamers, Fargo and crew are not selling out to EA.

This news, however, still doesn't sit well with many people, as indicated over at Blues, where many commenters held the same kind of apprehension as many of our own readers (including myself) here at Gaming Blend. One commenter went as far as to say...
As long as Origins is one of the various distributors for the game and not the only distributor I don't care. But it's EA we're talking about and more than likely there will be an awful catch since that is EA's nature.

The actual service policy simply sees a 90 day distributor fee waiver for indie devs promoting their game on Electronic Art's Origin digital distribution platform. It sounds harmless but I haven't had time to re-read over the actual documents, legal clauses and terms of service. As we all know, anytime EA is involved you can get caught in some tricky business when you don't read the fine print.

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