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If you still haven't maxed out in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's multiplayer, this is a good weekend to do so. Activision has decided to host a double XP weekend starting at 10am Pacific today.

In previous double XP weekends, the increased gains apply to all playlists. Bonus points were applied at the end of the match. Presumably those rules apply to this weekend as well.

The double XP event is a celebration of the upcoming release of the Uprising Map Pack. This is a bit of a switch on usual Call of Duty tradition. Generally they held the double XP weekend after new DLC was released. Maybe Activision is hoping that this weekend's event will draw people back into the game and therefore make them more likely to buy the Uprising DLC when it's released?

The Uprising Map Pack introduces five new maps for multiplayer. Four of these maps are for the normal competitive modes. The fifth, "Mob of the Dead," is a star-studded zombie experience.

The double XP weekend will end at 10am Pacific on Monday. Uprising will launch on April 16th on Xbox 360. Although the PS3, Wii U and PC won't be getting the DLC next week, double XP will be in effect on those platforms.

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