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The Uprising Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 adds a new zombie co-op map entitled "Mob of the Dead." A new trailer from Activision introduces the four criminals that players will control in this map.

Billy Hanson (played by Ray Liotta) is a psychotic contract killer with a mysterious past. Michael Madsen voices arrogant bootlegger Finn O'Leary. Sal DeLucca (Chazz Palminteri) is an aging mobster who's insecure about his waning influence. Rounding out the group is Albert Alecson (Joe Pantoliano), the crafty "weasel" of the group.

The four gangsters are inmates at Alcatraz Prison. To make matters worse, the prison has been overrun by zombies. The four must fend off these undead and attempt to escape the island.

"Mob of the Dead" is only one of five maps included in the Uprising DLC. It's the only zombie map of the bunch, though. The other four are for standard competitive play.

The Uprising Map Pack debuted on Xbox 360 last week. The content is currently undated for the PS3 and PC.