Activision and Treyarch released a new trailer for the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead DLC, which is part of the Uprising DLC pack, containing a couple of new maps for the price of several full version indie games. However, I must admit that the “Where are you going” trailer is pretty slick.

I'm no fan of Call of Duty but the whole Mob of the Dead angle is strangely engrossing, maybe because it stars a few of my all-time favorite actors like Michael Madsen and Ray Liotta. The addition of Chaz Palminteri and can't-stop-playing-a-weasel Joe Pantoliano is like icing on a very gory but enticing cake.

Nevertheless, Activision doesn't just waste press releases on content already released, especially when they care more about making money than Steven Seagal cares about trying to create his very own gravitational orbit around his mid-section by lining the stratosphere of his stomach with donuts and biscuits. Hence, the new trailer isn't just to remind gamers that the Uprising DLC is available for the Xbox 360, it's to let gamers know that they can depart more of their money on more content with the newly released soundtrack for the recently released DLC.

Yes, you read it right...Activision is charging a little something-something extra for the soundtrack included in the DLC. It's an exclusive DLC yeah. It's not shocking that DLC now has a premium soundtrack...pretty soon you'll be paying for option menus and DLC to raise and lower the volume (please don't charge us extra to raise and lower the volume in the option menus).

You can learn more about the soundtrack to the latest bit of DLC over on the official Call of Duty website.

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