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The rumored Revolution Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is looking more and more like a real thing. Two additional images of the DLC have leaked before Activision even had a chance to announce the new content.

The first image (via the COD forums) is a banner with the Revolution Map Pack logo. Behind the text are two commandos and two zombies. The previously leaked retailer advertisement for the map pack suggested it would add a zombie co-op map called "Die Rise," as well as four other competitive multiplayer maps.

The other image was taken from the mobile version of the official Black Ops 2 site. The site briefly offered a link to a trailer for the map pack. The trailer wasn't available for viewing, though. The link has since been removed altogether from the website.

Revolution Map Pack, if real, will be the first map pack released for the shooter. Treyarch plans to release four in total. They can be purchased for $15 individually, or all at once for $49.99.

It's rumored that this DLC will arrive at the end of January. The numerous leaks make them seem very likely.

Update: Amazon has now revealed descriptions for each of the DLC's new maps.

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