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The next DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been revealed by a retailer advertisement. The Revolution Map Pack will provide five more maps for the game's online multiplayer.

The first four maps - Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage - seem to be for normal competitive modes. The small images of each map in the ad show an urban environment, a dam, an arctic base and an Asian city. The fifth map, called Die Rise, is for zombie co-op. It looks like it's set in the ruins of a city. Treyarch is also throwing in a Peacekeeper SMG. It's not clear whether this weapon will be available right away or you'll need to earn it somehow. The latter seems preferable; it's always nice to have a new goal to pursue.

The Revolution Map Pack will be one of four map packs planned for the shooter. Each pack will cost $15 to download. The $49.99 Season Pass gives you access to all four, along with the Nuketown Zombies map.

Activision hasn't formally announced the Revolution DLC yet so there's no word on a release date. It's possible they'll reveal the details at the start of the New Year.