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We hope you FPS fans have cleared some time in your weekend schedule, because the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta just went live for anyone gaming on a PlayStation 4.

Before this weekend, the only way to get in on the Black Ops 3 beta was to pre-order the game. If, however, you prefer to try before you buy, this is your weekend to take the multiplayer portion of the annualized shooter for a test drive.

Treyarch Studios made the news official over on Twitter, putting out a call to arms for all PlayStation 4 gamers.

“Let's dial this up a notch,” reads the tweet. “The PlayStation 4 #BO3Beta is now open for all PS4 players. Let's go!”

You heard that right. After a handful of days of early access for those who pre-ordered the game, the flood gates have officially been opened, meaning there should be a lot of extra people waiting to be shot once you download the necessary files. To do that, just pop onto the PlayStation Network, select the beta, make and eat a sandwich and then you should be ready to go.

According to the trailer above, you can expect to find seven game modes, a handful of maps, eight multiplayer specialists and the ability to unlock weapon perks, equipment and scorestreaks. We have no idea if those will carry over to the full game, so fingers crossed on that one.

You won't have long to dig in, though, as the PS4 beta is set to end on Aug. 23, unless that gets altered, too. For those of you gaming on Xbox One and the PC, your crack at the beta gets rolling on Aug. 26, so just hold tight a few more days.

Once the beta wraps up, you'll have about two months of waiting left before the Nov. 6 launch date. We'd certainly be interested in hearing your thoughts on the beta experience in the comments section below. As for the full game, you can expect a brand new campaign, a hefty emphasis on lots of multiplayer action and, yes, Black Ops 3 will feature a now requisite zombie mode.

Oh, and in case you still haven't clapped your peepers on the insane Black Ops 3 zombie mode featuring actors like Ron Perlman, a world that feels oddly similar to Bioshock and upgrades straight out of The Darkness, then enjoy.

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