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Sony is bringing the battle to the palm of your hands with Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified for the PlayStation Vita and, during their Gamescom 2012 press conference, they showed off the FPS with a brand new trailer.

It's no secret that the Call of Duty series is pretty much the biggest thing going in the world of video games. Whether you love em or hate em, you can't argue that the franchise isn't something of a big freaking deal. That being the case, could Black Ops: Declassified help kick start Sony's ultra powerful, yet under-loved portable console's popularity?

That, of course, is a question that remains to be answered until the game releases sometime this winter. For now, though, here's your first real look at the game in action.

Coming from Nihilistic Software, the team behind the Vita's somewhat poorly received Resistance game, Declassified takes place between the first and (upcoming) second Black Ops games. Along with a single player campaign, the game features 4v4 multiplayer through wi-fi, featuring modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed.

Since this was saved as Sony's last reveal of the conference, it's clear that they are banking pretty hard on Declasified to earn some new fans on the Vita. Look for it to drop sometime this November.

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