Infinity Ward will be showing off the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Ghosts in a few weeks. They're going to reveal the online modes for the shooter with a streaming event on Wednesday, August 14th.

Ghosts' multiplayer is said to feature dynamic map events that transform the environment through the match. In the map "Free Fall," players battle inside of a skyscraper that slowly crumbles over time. "Free Fall, a pre-order exclusive, is the only map we've heard anything about so far.

IW confirmed this month that Ghosts will have a co-op component. They've yet to announce any details on it, though. The past two Infinity Ward-developed COD games featured 1-2 player standalone missions called Spec Ops. I'd expect to see that mode return. It's also possible that they'll bring back the wave-based survival mode from Modern Warfare 3.

The popular zombies mode from World at War, Black Ops 2 and Black Ops probably won't appear in Ghosts. WaW and the Black Ops sub-series were both developed by Treyarch, the other Call of Duty studio. IW has kept their games zombie-free to this point, in spite of how goddamn popular of a combination video games and the undead have become. I wouldn't mind a zombie-free COD: Ghosts, as that mode has gotten a bit stale in my opinion.

Ghosts is set ten years after a cataclysmic event that severely weakens the United States. Players take on the role of U.S. commandos fighting against a federation of South American nations. The game is said to be set in the year 2023, just two years shy of Black Ops 2. Perhaps we'll see a few futuristic gizmos in the Ghosts multiplayer footage. The previously mentioned cataclysm suggests that U.S. forces won't have as much sci-fi gadgetry at their disposal as they do in BO2, though. Advanced technology could be much harder to come by for these troops. That would explain why they're accompanied by a dog instead of drones.

The multiplayer streaming event can be watched at The event will begin at 10:30am PDT.

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