Activision has declassified - okay, announced - more information about Call of Duty XP 2011. They revealed all the crucial details on the events taking place at their first annual COD convention.

The main attraction of XP is a $1 million Modern Warfare 3 tournament. The top eight teams will get prizes, with the top team receiving $400,000. The 32 slots for the single-elimination tourney will be filled at the convention itself. You can pre-qualify for the competition by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops at home.

All attendees of XP will get a chance to play Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer themselves. It will be the first time that the public can go hands-on with the game. They can win prizes by competing in numerous challenges in MW3 as well as older Call of Duty titles.

Activision will reveal the contents of Modern Warfare 3's Hardened Edition at XP as well. The Hardened Edition is a special version of the game that comes with a few currently-unknown extras. Everyone attending XP will get a code for a free copy of the Hardened Edition. They'll have to wait until the game's November 8th launch date to redeem the code.

Once you've had your fill of MW3, there are plenty of other activities to look forward to. An armory and museum will show off concept art and memorabilia from the COD franchise. Gamers will get a sneak peek at original programming for Call of Duty Elite, the online service launching with MW3. Refreshments will be sold at "Burgertown," a replica of the fast food chain that appeared in MW2.

Activision will be hosting a number of "real life" COD challenges as well:
  • A once-in-a-lifetime chance to paintball firefight across a life-size replica of Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard level.
  • The opportunity to speed-run the infamous Modern Warfare 2 The Pit training sequence, for real.
  • A military-style zip-line plunge across the Call of Duty XP compound.
  • Suiting up for one-on-one battle in Juggernaut Sumo.
XP will be held on September 2nd and 3rd at The Hercules Campus in Los Angeles. Tickets are currently on sale. They cost $150 apiece. All proceeds will go toward the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit dedicated to helping returning soldiers find jobs.

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