So we've been rustling up rumors for Microsoft's next-gen console a lot in the past couple of months and one thing that has bothered readers more than the rumors themselves is the name the Xbox 720. I propose we do away with the "720" and go with the name our readers voted for in the first place: Xbox Trinity.

Whenever Microsoft decides to announce the darn thing it will be the third outing for the Xbox console and Xbox Trinity sure as heck sounds a lot better than Xbox 720. Other rumors have surfaced indicating that Microsoft has been internally contemplating the name Xbox 8, according to This Is Xbox, in lieu of the launch of Windows 8. I don't think I need to say how awful Xbox 8 sounds, not to mention that it makes no sense whatsoever in terms of chronological advancement.

With rumors and next-gen talk basically emerging just about every single day we have to settle on a decent name for the next-generation Xbox until Microsoft makes the announcement official. And based on a lot of feedback no one seems to really like the temporary names Xbox 720 or NextBox all that much. It's true that both names are lazily coined from either doubling up the numerical value of the Xbox 360 or simply saying that the next-gen Xbox is the NextBox. Very lazy.

Way back in October we ran an article asking which name gamers and readers would prefer for the next generation Xbox console and Xbox Trinity edged out front followed closely by the Xbox Phantom. Given that we'll continue to report on all things next-gen leading up to actual announcements from the console manufactures it only makes sense that the placeholder name we use at least sounds cool and amicable to our readers.

So I kindly ask, is it all right with you guys if we stop calling the NextBox the Xbox 720 and instead use Xbox Trinity? I mean, it was the name you guys picked for it but we'll only move forward with our coverage using the name if it's all right with you guys...I mean, you're the reason we're still in business and you're also the reason the gaming industry is still in business. So let's hear your thoughts about it below.

What should we call the next-gen Xbox?

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