Microsoft is still mum on all things next-gen. The closest thing we’ve come to next-gen from Microsoft is Kinect and it’s basically an even more casual version of the Wii-mote. However, with all the talk about the next Xbox (dubbed Xbox 720 for now) and rumors flying off the handle about its potential release in either 2013 or 2014, it only makes sense to toss out a few names that might be a better replacement for the extreme-sports sounding Xbox 720.

This here list is just a toss-around of speculative names for Microsoft’s next-generation console. Nothing is in stone and anything is possible. In no particular order, here is the top five names for Microsoft’s next Xbox.

Xbox Phantom

The Phantom sounds more like a concept car from Chrysler than an actual game console…wait, it was a concept car from Chrysler. Nevertheless, it’s a nice little mysterious name for Microsoft’s next console. It clearly moves away from the skateboarder “360” or “720” or “1080” connotations and at the same time it has a sleek and sexy futuristic sound to it. It barely rolls off the tongue with ease…”Xbox Phantom”…still, there are worse names out there for a next-generation console. Sort of like going from The Revolution to the Wii. The Phantom’s design seems like it would have a lot of eye-catching curves as opposed to contemporary lines, playing into that whole concept-car feel.

Xbox Trinity

I debated on whether it should be the Trinity, Trinigy or the Trifecta, but Trinity just sounds the best out of the three and it is the third outing for the Xbox so that kind of fits. Plus, most people will think about The Matrix when they hear or see a name like Trinity. And let’s face it, The Matrix is about as cool as nerds can get in the mainstream. It doesn’t really roll off the tongue with ease but it sounds like it could be a console that’s all black and sleek and kind of thin just like the Xbox 360 Slim…just, not the Xbox 360 Slim. Maybe it could be a little thinner and a little sleeker. The name carries some elements of maturity with it, which might help it maintain an older audience. However, with a lot of gaming companies aimed at the casual market the "Xbox Trinity" doesn't really maintain a mainstream appeal the way other, more casual names do.

Xbox Spark

Infantile, childish, simplistic…that pretty much sums up the Xbox Spark. But, as proven with the Wii and N64, simple seems to work. Plus, the Spark is a little bit of a homage to Guilty Spark and it’s Halo related, just like the Phantom, so that might make sense as a name for the third Xbox console outing. Despite its simplicity there is something about Xbox Spark that kind of rolls off the tongue with ease. I can also imagine people saying, “Hey man, you got that game for the Spark, yet?” It’s kind of trendy and different and even if you aren’t a fan of Halo it feels fresh and at least has a more marketable tone than “Xbox 720” or “Xbox 1080” or “Xbox 1440”. I’d imagine the Spark would probably have a more chromatic design with a lot of metallic aesthetics about it. Maybe a silver-plated, curvy box with a sleek, green ‘X’ design on the side? Yeah, that could work.

Xbox Wraith

Yes, yes, I know…this is yet ANOTHER Halo themed name. However, it’s also the name of a uber-awesome movie from the 80s starring a non-coked-out Charlie Sheen as a badass wraith with a badass techno-suit and an equally badass car. You see where I’m going with this? Yeah, the Xbox Wraith could be badass. The name at least sounds catchy and possibly a bit ethereal, but the corporeal hardware and an awesome misty-grey design could set it apart from the Wii U and PS4. Again, even if you aren’t a fan of Halo or have no idea what a Wraith is in conjunction with the Halo universe, the name really does stand out as if it could be a cutting-edge piece of technology, much like the Android. It’s even possible to imagine the deep-voiced commercial guy saying…”Play fast, play hard, play together. Xbox Wraith”

Xbox Lancer

With all the Halo themed names in this article one would be tempted to forget about another important franchise in the history of the Xbox console’s success…Gears of War. While Delta Squad may have finished their part in the war against the Locust, it certainly doesn’t mean Epic Games and Microsoft are done with the Gears of War franchise. And what better way to usher in the next generation of gaming than to reinvent one of the top selling IPs this gen then by naming the console after something directly related to that IP? In this case, the Xbox Lancer would be mirrored after the iconic gun that brought us an automatic rifle that doubled as an up-close melee weapon, which could literally rip people to pieces with an attached chainsaw. The name isn’t entirely casual friendly and mothers would probably be offended if they knew where the name originated from, but you can’t argue with how catchy it sounds.

What’s more is that the name could be used to promote all sorts of new features for the Xbox brand, sort of the way Nintendo used “Super” in many of their franchises on the SNES or “64” for many of their games on the N64. “Lancer” edition this and “Lancer” edition that could work well for Microsoft’s next-gen console and it’s definitely my top pick out of the five.

Voting Time!

You can vote for the name you like the most out of the top five picks here or drop down to the comments and explain why you would go with another name for the next Xbox.

Top 5 Names For Next-Gen Xbox

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