One of the many canceled games from the long line of canceled licensed games out there is a little something-something called Stargate SG-1: Alliance. A new set of videos (if we can call it that) were released for the shelved project, showcasing an entire mission from start to finish, using classic Stargate weapons, enemies and technology oftentimes featured in the show.

Past to Present Online posted up the new footage from the canceled project, which was originally slated to release on the PS2 and Xbox nearly two generations ago...well, given this unbelievably long generational cycle, it is two generations ago.

You can check out the footage from a few of the missions below.

I can't say I'm too impressed but I can't say I'm too disappointed either. Literally, the only thing we're seeing from this two generational old FPS compared to today's FPS titles is graphics...literally, just graphics.

It's crazy but I had to do a double-take on which systems this was originally supposed to be available for because other than graphics there's nothing else that separates this from games coming out nowadays.

You can check out a few more missions from this canceled project by heading on over to PtP Online and you can gaze at all the missions and gameplay features you won't be able to play from this canceled title.

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