Based on the classic, old-school PC game, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a reboot of the franchise featuring current-gen graphics, new-school control schemes, more explosions, more vehicles and more carrier commanding than a room full of Battleship board games.

Bohemia Interactive launched the game today across North America for the Xbox 360, following on the heels of the PC release just last Friday. The game puts players in role of a carrier commander who has a task of eliminating the enemy carrier craft using wits, strategic unit placement and some real-time vehicular combat. Check it out in launch trailer below.

The game has been surfing through the media streams this year on a rather low profile, but that's because not a typical AAA title with an obnoxious marketing budget. It's a mid-ranged game with some interesting gameplay concepts and snazzy combat mechanics.

According to Marek Špan?l, CEO and founder of Bohemia Interactive, he stated in the press release that...
“Carrier Command: Gaea Mission delivers everything I loved about the original, and much more”...“The action-packed, strategic gameplay, combined with the open environments and stunning visuals, make this a melting pot unlike anything else. It is one of those games, I and many passionate gamers like me have been longing for.”

The game is available right now for both the PC and the Xbox 360. If you'd like to get your strategic command on, feel free to do so by picking up a copy of the game at your local retailer. For further information on the game be sure to head to the Official Website.

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