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Both Gears of War games have been developed by Epic Games. If it's up to GoW designer Cliff Bleszinski, the series will stay with Epic for good. He's not fond of all the developer swinger parties going on.

"We've got a lot of ideas about where the franchise will go," Bleszinski told Develop. "But sometimes I feel a franchise loses something when it's shifted off to another shop. You get the primary studio that really understands about the franchise, and sometimes the other studio that takes it over can do well, but there's something lost in translation, like the game's soul has gone."

The takeaway most fanboys will have is that he's slamming Call of Duty (Treyarch and Infinity Ward tag-team on the series) or Halo (the RTS Halo Wars was shipped out to Ensemble Studios). World At War and Halo Wars don't really look all that bad, though and it's doubtful he was specifically slamming these high-profile games. There's much worse examples out there of mishandled franchises - Soldier of Fortune: Payback, anyone?

Furthermore, what do you expect him to say? A developer wants to keep control over its creative work even if the other developer is skilled. Though Fallout 3 looks like it'll be solid, I imagine the former Interplay designers wish they had made it themselves.

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