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The recently released game on Xbox Live Arcade, Toy Soldiers Cold War brings gamers an intense mixture of tower-defense gameplay fused with fast-paced action-oriented combat. For those who may have gotten stuck or need help with a specific mission can find everything that’s required for success in a brand new walkthrough guide, complete with hints, tips, and available achievements.

The guide comes courtesy of XBLA Fans, who have a complete layout of everything you’ll need to beat the game like a grade-A ace, or just find out where all the important things are so you don’t have to feel like a noob when playing through the game.

So what all does this super-epic-guide contain? How about video walkthroughs, for the 11 Golden Arcade, a complete tutorial of each level for all eleven levels, an Achievement guide, a mini-game guide, a vehicle guide, a run-through of each and every weapon on the game, as well as a general hints and tips guide. That’s kind of a lot for an XBLA game.

You can check out the complete Toy Soldiers Cold War hints, tips and walkthrough guide over at XBLA Fans.

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