The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive development team is planning to make a "major update" to the multiplayer shooter. This update will include, among other things, two new maps for your T vs. CT pleasure.

The first map, ar_monastery, seems to take place in a snowy Tibetan monastery. Just looking at the screenshot makes me nostalgic for Uncharted 2. The "ar" prefix on the map, if you're not aware, means it's designed for Arms Race mode.

The second map is de_vertigo. This demolition map is actually a revamped classic. It takes place in a skyscraper under construction. Try not to fall off the side, especially if you're carrying the bomb.

The patch is also said to have a "ton" of fixes to bugs pointed out by gamers. You should also expect revised matchmaking for Classic Competitive play. It's not clear what platform(s) this update is planned for. Presumably the PC/Mac version will get it, but consoles might not be so lucky due to how slow certification can be at times.

Global Offensive, an HD remake of the popular Half-Life mod, was released back in August.

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