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The official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive website has been updated with another video from a professional gamer. In this latest video, AZK of Team Dynamics shares some of his wisdom.

AZK's focus in this video is sniper play. He provides some tips about how to effectively use the AWP, perhaps the most annoying of all weapons. He'll talk about firing the gun with and without a scope, and also positioning.

Several pro CS events are occurring this month. The top teams in the US are competing this weekend at the ESEA Season 12 finals. DreamHack will run from November 22nd to 24th in Sweden. The month will conclude with the Insomnia47 tournament in the UK. The CS team will no doubt take the opportunity to film another one of these interviews.

For tips on how to use another fan-favorite CS gun, the AK-47, check out the previous tip video from Area 51's Semphis.