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If you made a list of your favorite activities in BioShock, "parking your ass in front of a U-Invent machine and making items" probably wasn't on it. Fortunately, crafting won't make an appearance in BioShock 2.

"The U-Invent and the crafting system that went along with it is one of the few things that we did cut from Bioshock 1," said lead designer Zak McClendon during a live chat on "We had so many other improvements / changes (New Hacking / New Research / Plasmid Upgrades / New Weapons / Etc.) that there just wasn't room to give the U-Invent the time it needed to get into the game."

"It's not something we did lightly, but there is still plenty of good stuff to loot and find in Rapture. Just a lot fewer Steel Screws and Rubber Hoses."

You'll probably play it either way. Game's out on February 9th worldwide.

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