So maybe you got to go to E3 or maybe you didn't. A lot of people who did go probably returned disgruntled, angry, excited, hurt, betrayed, overwhelmed and slightly know, typical feelings you get from being in prison. Well, one account of the journey to E3 was filled with tears, sadness and some mild sense of redemption and he wanted to share his story with the world.

Meet 'N', an aspiring writer for a little place called, an up and coming outlet that fills out one of the many thousands upon thousands of enthusiast gaming websites out there just trying to get by.

Well, 'N' recounts his great-fantastic journey to Los Angeles to participate in the greatest video game event of the year. He laments, however, the tiring and unnecessary trope of attending the big E3 conferences in person if you don't bring any video or streaming equipment with're just a sheep in a pin. According to 'N', if you're not a big boy or a big girl there to stream like a legit mofo you may as well stay at home in your undies drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos while watching the press conferences from your 15 inch CRT monitor.

'N' goes on to talk about the broken promises of scheduling game sessions and interviews and then waiting forever in order to talk with someone important in the game industry, just for that almighty exclusive and then it not happening. He also writes about how those same appointments get bumped in favor of bigger and better dudes and dudettes, writing...
Remember when Microsoft said that they weren’t going to be showing off anything behind closed doors and we couldn’t schedule any appointments to see their games? Half of their fucking booth was closed off to the public so they could preview games to the media via appointment. I’m media: show me your games, I want to cover them. No doing.

Ah, let the rage fester...I can feel your power!

'N' also got his butt kicked out of the opportunity to have some hands-on time with some big upcoming titles, including bumps from Eidos' crew and a few other was sad, real sad. Such is the life for the vidya gaem jurnol1sts of a lower mid-tiered gaming website.

In some regards, though, while I empathize with 'N' it's a little like being in a waiting room at an airport terminal where a guy walks in and he's shouting and angry and pissed off because he had to go through a cavity exam where security used a foot-long speculum for a thorough check. Meanwhile the only thing security had you do is remove your shoes. In such a scenario you just kind of nod and smile as a common courtesy, especially knowing he'll never be able to sit down in a chair the same way again.

Still, the issues that the article brings out are still apparent and pretty petty, but it's all part of the cut throat business of making those dollar bills in the electronic entertainment industry. There were a few outliers to 'N's rant, and it was that CD Projekt RED and a few other smaller indies were nice enough to showcase their game...I mean, that's why media shows up at E3 in the first place right? It's not always about the Doritos and Dew.

And now to be a total prick and self-advertise our own stuff gathered from exclusive appointments with the big sure to check out Gaming Blend's exclusive coverage of Destiny, Call of Duty: Ghosts and hands-on impressions of Saints Row IV.

Sorry 'N' if we stole any of your appointment spots...maybe next time you'll be the guy who only has to remove his shoes while some other poor noob gets the speculum treatment. And besides, it could have been could have gotten the Gizmodo treatment and thrown in Microsoft jail. I hear the spooning ain't so bad.

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