Focus Home Interactive and Frogwares has announced that Crimes & Punishments is on its way and both FHI and Frogwares are in the bittersweet position to be able to announce that they've done away with their own proprietary technology, and they are embracing Epic's Unreal Engine.

The trailer above was rendered entirely within the Unreal Engine 3 and sports enhanced environments, larger areas to explore and a much more affording skybox for some impressive lens flare, shadow casting and all the other glorious nuggets of visual grandeur that comes with a full license for the Unreal Engine.

The game sees players stepping back into the shoes of the world's greatest detective, with players having to question suspects, survey areas and explore crime scenes like never before. As mentioned in the press release....
This [Unreal Engine] choice will first allow the game to benefit from bigger environments that are more gorgeous and more varied, all while offering an incredible level of detail: dynamic lighting, shaders, post-processing effects, animations... the game is an all-around winner, as illustrated in the very first presentation video of the new engine of Sherlock Holmes' latest game

In addition to presentation aesthetics, the new switch in the engine will allow for brand new investigation techniques. Hopefully this will result in an expanded sense of uncertainty and exploration, similar to games like Gabriel Knight 3, Omikron and a game I never finished and sort of hated despite it being absolutely mind-blowingly awesome, Dark Earth.

You can check out some new screenshots for Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes below or visit the Official Website to learn more. Unlike Valve and 2K Games, Focus Home Interactive will let gamers know more at E3 this year.

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