If you were hoping that Valve would be at this year's E3 exhibiting, perhaps showcasing the details or more information about their Steam Box, think again. The company has confirmed that they will not be exhibiting at E3 at all.

In an e-mail from Doug Lombardi, Valve's always elusive marketing man, he clearly stated that the Half-Life, Portal and Left 4 Dead 2 developers will not be at the biggest gaming tradeshow of the year.

The e-mail was captured from Valve Time and re-tweeted for all the world to see, which you can read below:
Well that kind of curb-stomps any hope that we might get to see more Steam Box iterations by this June. That is, unless of course, Valve decides to do what Nintendo does and host a public direct press conference to talk more about their home entertainment console-style PC.

Nevertheless, this marks the second big name company, next to Nintendo, to back out of E3 when they were expected to at least deliver a sparkling showfloor exhibition. With Valve no longer competing with the big dogs for E3 attention, it certainly makes you question how they will approach further announcements of the Steam Box and at what events? Certainly not the Tokyo Game Show?

Perhaps Xi3 will still be at E3 to show off their Steam Box Piston? It's the least gamers can expect.

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