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Every so often, a game company says that their upcoming project has maxed out the potential of a console. Burnout developer Criterion Games thinks that's a stupid thing to brag about, though.

"That's proof that you're not the best," Criterion technical director Richard Parr told Eurogamer. "It means you're out of ideas."

Senior engineer Alex Fry added that "You always find new ways to do things, the constraints lift. Not just with a new console generation but with every game you do. Whether it's a sequel or whether it's a new game, you learn to do things differently... better. The constraints go away because you learn. While it's nice to say you've maxed something out, there's not really any point."

That's pretty much what it comes down too: "It's nice to say you've maxed something out." Developers and publishers want you to believe that their game is not entertaining but is also a technological masterpiece that will give your console a night it'll never forget. At the very least, they don't want you to think that the game is underutilizing current hardware.