A soldier in a state-of-the art nanosuit needs weapons that are similarly cutting-edge. The latest Crysis 3 trailer, entitled "Lethal Weapons," gives a run-down of the arsenal that Prophet will acquire in the game.

The new Predator Bow seems like one of the main weapons players will use. It's a very versatile weapon thanks to its customization options. The standard arrows can be used to silently take out enemies. Airburst frag arrows, meanwhile, can be used to take down airborne enemies. The electric-charge arrows are enough to take down a soldier, but could also kill a whole group at once if they're standing in water.

The SCAR assault rifle, the mainstay weapon from previous games, will be returning as well. The selection of scopes make it ideal for both long-range and short-range gunfights. The silencer and grenade launcher attachments allow the weapon to be used in a variety of situations as well.

Prophet will also acquire heavier weapons as well. The Typhoon minigun allow you to fire hundreds of rounds in a second, while the Incinerator flamethrower can set the battlefield on fire. The Reaper Cannon is an alien weapon with a high ramp-up time that can cause massive damage.

Crysis 3 will launch next week on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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