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When ZZ Top wrote the song, "Sharp Dressed Man," they probably never imagined that it would be used in a trailer for a first-person shooter starring a man in an advanced nanosuit. However, that's exactly what happened today.

Crysis 3 stars Prophet, an elite supersoldier. In addition to being a highly trained killing machine, he wears a special suit of armor that lets him perform superhuman feats. He can toss a car, shrug off gunfire or even become invisible. Using these powers will drain his suit's power supply, though, so he has to be careful.

These powers give the player options on how to fight their enemies. They can sneak up on enemies and crack their necks, or drop a dumpster on them. He can also fight them in a straight-up gunfight if it comes to that.

Crysis 3's open beta is wrapping up today. The game will debut in North America on February 19th and in Europe on the 21st.