A new gameplay video for Crysis 3 hit the Internet today. In the video, producer Mike Reed walks the viewer through part of the game's single-player campaign.

In Crysis 3, the dastardly CELL Corporation is still at large. They've encased cities across the world in massive nanodomes that terraform the city's inside. The New York City Liberty Dome, the central setting, has transformed the city into a rainforest.

In this video, Prophet and Psycho are on their way to meet up with the rebels. They enter the MTA's storage yard on the West Side of Manhattan and clash with CELL forces there. The nanodome has turned the yard into grassy plains. As the nanosoldiers fight Cell, we get a look at the suit abilities at players' disposal as well as Prophet's brand new bow.

Crytek notes at the start of the video that this is alpha footage. The final game coming out next year may look substantially purtier, then.

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