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After teasing the next DOOM for several years, id Software finally showed it off tonight during the Bethesda E3 press conference. They shared heaps of gameplay footage along with the first details on its multiplayer.

The first gameplay demo seems like it will be well-received by long-time DOOM fans. It ticks a lot of the important boxes: fast pace, grotesque enemies, loads of gore and plenty of weapons. Many of the old staples including the super-shotgun, plasma rifle and rocket launcher are part of the player's arsenal. The BFG-9000 will be returning as well, though we didn't get to see it fired.

While the recent Bethesda-published revival of Wolfenstein was limited to single-player, the new DOOM won't be. id Software confirmed today that the game will feature online multiplayer. A brief clip showed off the sort of brisk arena shooting we've come to expect from the franchise. In a twist, it looks like players will also be able to become demons as well.

id Software teased many other types of modes besides deathmatch. Players can also team up to fight off progressively harder waves of enemies. In a zombie mode, they can fend off the undead to earn money and then spend it on upgrades.

Maybe the most impressive part of multiplayer, though, is the new toolset called DOOM SnapMap. SnapMap allows players with no design experience to create maps. The footage of the toolset showed players dragging and dropping objects. It seems pared down enough that it could be usable on consoles but we'll see. id says that players can then instantly share these creations with other players as well. This sharing will occur on, the new hub for all of the company's franchises including Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

To top off their presentation, id Software revealed when we can expect DOOM to launch. The game's scheduled for a Spring 2016 release across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of DOOM's first gameplay footage?

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