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Raptr caters to more than 18 million gamers and they gauge their player engagement by seeing how many players put in time with specific games. The top 20 list has been unveiled and while Call of Duty: Black Ops II took the number one spot, the more surprising bit of news was DOTA 2 beating the pants off League of Legends.

Raptr released the data for the month of August and it includes games played on the Xbox 360 and PC – both Nintendo and Sony don't allow for their player data to be released to the public.

Anyway, the real story here isn't just about the top 20 but about which game beat which game, and Valve's DOTA 2 has finally overcome its arch-rival, League of Legends – within the 18 million Raptr users, that is. Check it out in the data sheet below showing the monthly rise of DOTA 2.

As noted in the Raptr report...
Pushing into the first week of September, it looks so far like a fairly even split between days favoring League of Legends and those carried by DOTA 2. With the glow of The International pretty much faded and LoL’s incredibly popular World Championships happening last week, it’s likely LoL’s numbers will angle straight up again in the middle of the month. But the recent erosion of its player base should be a serious cause for concern if the trend continues after the World Championships. And DOTA 2′s numbers prove that if Riot Games opens the door, Valve’s increasingly popular MOBA will walk right on through.

Take into consideration that the numbers are a bit skewed in some ways, given that Raptr caters mostly to a North American audience, which means that some large parts of the world are left off the chart. However, this doesn't discount the fact that League of Legends had previously been topping Raptr's charts in the previous months and now DOTA 2 has moved in for the kill.

Could this mean that despite making new acquaintances with American Express that perhaps the field is waning and the popularity is subsiding? Hardly.

Coming off a big tournament season and having players share their gaming time with DOTA 2 only means that there is steep competition within the MOBA sector, we can see that with a bunch of AAA publishers constantly and continually trying to cash in on the genre with throwaway games like Dead Island: Epidemic or Infinite Crisis.

More than anything, I would suspect that gamers are just testing the waters to see which game best suits their MOBA palate. Whetting the appetite of strategic multiplayer warfare is no easy task and there are lots of games vying for attention. As noted by Raptr, I would suspect that League of Legends will bounce back on the charts throughout September, but we'll find out once the numbers go live.

You can learn more about Raptr and their monthly player engagement charts by visiting the official website.

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