While reviewing Dance Central 2 last year, I fell almost instantly in love, despite my usually uncompromising hatred of dancing. But the game was fantastic exercise for the brain and body and it ended with robots on a zeppelin, so you just knew the developers were secretly badass.

I was actually kind of surprised to see a third Dance Central game being demoed at E3 this year, as I found the second one so flawless, but after hearing about the major changes, I totally get it, and I totally want it NOW.

First, it's all-new songs and all-new choreography, put together by nine staff choreographers, specifically chosen to create an appropriate dance ground up for each song. The moves for "OMG" came from Usher himself and is incredibly difficult, even on Easy, natch. As I was dancing through a couple songs, I never once noticed a move I had previously learned in DC2. Although the mechanics are the same, everything is somehow more fluid, accurate and even more fun, thanks to the creatively themed moves.

The new game is also way more suited for party situations. In one mode, names of songs just casually fly by on the screen and if you see one you want, you walk up, raise your hand, and get things going. DC3 also features the introduction of the Crew Throwdown. Divide into two teams, the Xbox 360 takes your photo, and then calls you up to dance one at a time.

Creating your own moves is also introduced for the first time here in two modes: Make Your Move, in which one player creates a dance move and the other tries to mimic it, and you go back and forth until you've created a whole dance together, and Keep The Beat, a version of freestyle mode, where you are scored based on keeping with the beat, variety of your moves and more, but there are no flashcards - it's all you! Steal your friend's move in this mode for a mega point burst. To start any of these competitive modes, the game requires both players to high five. Because everything is awesome. Returning to the game will be Perform, Battle, Rehearse and Fitness.

There will be 40 songs on the disk, plus any downloads from the first two games can be transferred and used on any mode. Oh and remember when I mentioned how the story mode ended with Robots in DC2? Well it turns out the developers actually are completely badass and the storyline this time around features a heavy focus on time travel. Dance Central 3 is scheduled for a Fall 2012 release for Xbox 360 Kinect. I will be playing it forevers.

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