The vampire RPG Dark will be making an appearance at this week's E3 convention. A new trailer from publisher Kalypso Media gives an overview of the game if you've missed any news about it so far.

Dark stars Eric Bane, a newly turned vampire. He's suffering from amnesia but he knows one thing for sure: he's not a full vampire yet. If he doesn't drink the blood of the vampire who turned him, he'll transform into a mindless ghoul. The game follows him as he tries to track down his sire.

Bane's journey will be violent one. Because he's a vampire, he can rip apart surprised enemies with a single attack. His magical powers allow him to throw foes with his thoughts. He can also turn into mist to instantly appear behind other characters. It's important he acts stealthy and picks off opponents one by one, though.

Dark is in development for Xbox 360 and PC. The PC version will debut on June 28th, and the 360 counterpart will follow on July 9th. You can find pre-order options at the game's website.

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