Dark Forces Coming To PS3, PSP

It seems LucasArts is about to re-release another one of their classic titles. The ESRB has just rated Star Wars: Dark Forces for the PS3 and PSP (via Joystiq).

In Dark Forces, players control Rebel agent Kyle Katarn as he attempts to destroy the Empire from developing a new weapon. Though DF is the first installment in the Jedi Knight series, you don't get a lightsaber or any Force powers in the game. Instead, it plays more like a standard first-person shooter, albeit a really fun one.

The fact that the ESRB rated it for the PS3 and PSP clearly suggests that they're adding it to the PSOne Classics library on PSN. LucasArts has yet to announce a digital re-release of Dark Forces so the release date and price are still unknown.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.