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Man, EA could have racked up some massive first-day sales using a new fan-made trailer for Mass Effect 3. The combination sees the most popular Dark Knight Rises trailer refitted for Mass Effect 3 and it's done to superb effect with an amazing slow-build toward an explosive finish. A job well done.

Game Ranx managed to get their hands on the trailer, courtesy of YouTube user LegionPlatform1183. I'm not going to defer you from watching the cool as a cucumber trailer any longer...simply bask in the awesomeness of two epic franchises colliding in an unusual way with the trailer below. Enjoy.

That's some good stuff. Nice pacing; good use of the action cues from Mass Effect 3 and the cinematics. It also didn't seem too tossed together.

If you can put the memories of a poor ending out of your mind then it's easy to appreciate just how spectacular the whole thing is. The editing was pretty much top notch save for a few liberties taken to replace Alfred saying “Wayne family” and Bane's dialogue being replaced with the Reapers. I did especially like the tattered and near-dying Shepard from the end of the game using Batman's line “Not everything...not yet”. That was sick.

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