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Four new gameplay videos for Dark Souls 2 have hit the web today. Each depicts a player playing a radically different character.

The first of the videos posted by Famitsu depicts a Warrior. The Warrior closely resembles the character seen in the box art and first trailer for the game. He wears heavy armor and wields massive weapons. In the video, it looks like he's one-handing a sword that ought to be held with two hands. Have you no sense of personal safety, sir?

The next character featured is the Sorceror. He's burninating enemies with huge balls of fire but the flipside is that he's wearing no armor. He has to be a lot more evasive when enemies are in melee range. The video shows him using hit-and-run tactics to finish off a foe with a dagger and staff. Hopefully they're not as overpowered as the Pyromancers in the first Dark Souls.

Temple Knights should be a familiar class to those of you who played Demon's Souls. Like the Warrior, the Temple Knight can wear heavy armor and wield a range of weapons. They're not all brawn, though. TK's start out with a limited amount of Magic ability, too. In the case of Demon's Souls, they began the game with the Heal miracle. Their healing potential should make them a popular choice for newbies.

The Dual Swordsman racks up the most style points of all. Dual-wielding has existed since Demon's Souls. However, now there are specific combos and attacks that are specific to dual-wielding. Hopefully these new moves are effective enough to make it worthwhile to play this high-risk build.

Dark Souls 2 will arrive in March 2014 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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