Dark Souls 60fps Unlocker Released, Works With GFWL, Durante Resolution Fix

The latest community-made modification fix/patch for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC has been released from community modder “Nwks”. The fix is for the framerate in Dark Souls, enabling players to experience the game in full 60 frame per second smoothness. The fix also now works with Games for Windows Live so you can play it online with friends and use it alongside Durante's resolution fix for multi-sampling AA and anisotropic filtering. As a quick recap, the original release of the mod was quite buggy and gamers were unable to use it in multiplayer due to a conflict with GFWL. The mod also had trouble running alongside Durante's resolution fix, which enabled PC gamers to play Dark Souls at higher resolutions outside of the standard resolution cap.

DSO Gaming spotted the fix from “Nwks” and notes that it requires .Net Framework 4.0 to run, which you can download from Microsoft's site.

The fix was met with a lot of cheer and question marks from PC gamers. Cheers because the game can finally run at the coveted 60 frames per second, which just makes everything so much nicer and smoother. Question marks because the developer FromSoftware, and publisher Namco Bandai, denied that the game could run at 60 frames per second and would be locked at 30 due to their inexperience with PC ports. Something looks awfully fishy when some no-name guy with the will and determination makes the 60fps tweak happen without an SDK, without devkits, without official support or design tools. Dare I say, it actually makes FromSoftware look lazy.

You can pick up the 60fps unlocker mod from the Dark Souls mod page. I imagine these guys are just getting started and we'll probably see a ton of additional upgrades, updates, fixes and tweaks for the game in coming months.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.