While some publishers have been complaining about the sales of their games – lamenting the move of 4 million units over the course of a month as 'poor' – other publishers have a better understanding of forecasting reasonable sales for their game, and one of those games that meets that standard is Dark Souls.

From Software's action RPG has reportedly hit the 2.3 million SKUs sold mark and according to Destructoid, this is good news for From Software.

Right now the team is hard at work with their heads down and their intentions made clear for Dark Souls 2. They recently released a new trailer and some new screenshots for the title.

Dark Souls became remarkable for its tough-as-nails difficulty and unforgiving enemy encounters. The game's slogan was “Prepare to Die” and even managed to become the subtitle in the PC release of the game last year.

According to the developers they'll be working much harder to rectify the PC versions of the game this time around. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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