Soul Sacrifice, one of the most highly anticipated titles heading to the PlayStation Vita, will finally grace U.S. handhelds on April 30. In case you're on the fence, however, or just want to see what the game is all about, then you'll be happy to know that the demo is finally arriving on the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, April 16.

To celebrate the U.S. arrival of the Soul Sacrifice demo, SCEA Producer Kumi Yuasa has posted the first part of an interview with designer Keiji Inafune over on the PlayStation Blog. Inafune talks about the world of Soul Sacrifice, its difficulty and, of course, its unique combat/magic system.

Soul Sacrifice gets its name from the fact that the player must literally sacrifice a part of their body in order to wield powerful, over-the-top magics. Your eye might grant you sentinel lasers, for instance, or your spine might give you the ability to control a massive, metallic whip capable of tearing enemies to shreds. In case you haven't figured it out by now, Sould Sacrifice is rated M for Mature.

As far as gameplay goes, think Monster Hunter meets the Necronomicon. Up to four players can team up to plow through the world of Soul Sacrifice, combining their own unique magics to take on massive enemies.

If you'd like to dive a bit further into the world of Soul Sacrifice, you can check out some additional screenshots here, or you can sit in on a soundtrack recording session here. Otherwise, look for the demo on PlayStation Vita next Tuesday and you can pick up the game two weeks later on April 30.

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