Kalypso Media already tossed out a couple of trailers for the upcoming comic-book style stealth action game, Dark. The latest trailer they put out is another focused video on skills and silent takedowns.

The game is a pretty big dark horse in the gaming market. It comes practically out of no where and has a moderate marketing presence. The real trick will be if it finds a niche audience to grow with and whether or not that will be enough to justify Kalypso's investment into the project. Time will tell, eh?

The game itself is about a fellow named Eric Bane who is bitten by a vampire and turns into a stalker of the night. However, the real mystery is that Eric wakes up with complete amnesia. He finds himself trapped in a conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical corporation as well as other vampires, mercenary and hybrids.

Dark's premise is pretty slick but I have no idea if it will pan out. A lot of the game's success will depend on how well the gameplay can cohesively tie together the story and whether there will be any elements of replayability present.

You can learn more about Dark, which is set for release this summer, by visiting the Official Website.

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