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Following the demise of THQ and the acquisition of the Darksiders intellectual property by Nordic Games, Vigil Games folded in under but they didn't completely fade away. Some of the team members formed a new studio called Airship Syndicate and they've been teasing their new game recently.

Game Informer spotted the teases, which came in the form of a few tweets from the founder of the studio, Joe Madureira.

The tweet that sent everyone in a frenzy can be viewed below.

As mentioned in the original tweet, this was made late last week and Madureira followed up on that little hint, suggesting that more big news was coming sooner rather than later. How soon? Well, in a subsequent Tweet Madureira stated...
Guys, make sure to sign up at @AirshipSyn http://www.airshipsyndicate.com there's a big announcement coming VERY soon. Like...days, not weeks...

There's absolutely no clue what the new game could be, but if you pay a visit to Airshipsyndicate.com you'll see a collage of images of some of the former games and comics the studio creators collaborated on in the past, including but not limited to Darksiders, The Uncanny X-Men and Inhuman.

What's more is that just above the collage reads “Project X”, which again, could mean anything. However, Game Informer points to Madureira's unfinished series called Battle Chasers as a potential candidate for the new game.

With Darksiders firmly in the grasp of Nordic Games, and a strong unlikelihood that the new title would be anything based around the Marvel interactive universe, there could be a strong case made for something like Battle Chasers. Of course, the sword silhouette in the stone from the teaser image kind of lends itself toward the idea that it could be the aforementioned property.

But when you're dealing with creative minds behind completely original IP, the whole concept of a brand new game kind of becomes a toss-up. I mean, it could literally be just about anything.

Madureira did post up a sketch of Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series. The last big game from that franchise was the much-derided though highly anticipated Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. However, Madureira notes on Twitter that the sketch was just something he did recently but hopes to unveil his real project soon.

If the new game is anything like Darksiders then they've already got a real winner on their hands. The very first game in the series was lauded for its comic book art-style, dynamic visual effects and extremely solid gameplay to match. A winning combination like that is oftentimes tough to pull off, but they managed to nail it dead on with the first game and Vigil Studios came close to scoring another home run with Darksiders II save for a few drawbacks here and there.

Hopefully Airship Syndicate will unveil their new title soon and kill all this tension building up around their mystery title.
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