Today Dead Island: Riptide is arriving in stores throughout North America. To celebrate the open-world zombie game's debut, publisher Deep Silver has released a launch trailer.

Dead Island: Riptide directly continues the story of the first game. The four survivors from the zombie-infested island of Banoi have escaped to an aircraft carrier. However, they quickly learn that the zombie outbreak has spread beyond Banoi. After escaping the aircraft carrier, they find themselves on the island of Palanai, which is also overrun with infected.

Riptide allows players to control any of the four original survivors. They can also play as a new character, John Morgan. The game can be played solo or with friends. New gameplay features include hub defense scenarios, in which players must hold the line against massive zombie attacks.

The game is priced at $50 on consoles and $40 on PC. Deep Silver says that they reduced the price because we're at the end of this console generation. The middling reviews thus far suggest that the game might not even be worth that much, though.

Riptide will spread to other countries throughout the globe on April 26th.

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