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Today Techland, the developer of the Dead Island and Call of Juarez franchises, has announced a new medieval game called Hellraid. Hellraid is a first-person hack-and-slash game that can be played alone or with friends.

In Hellraid, the armies of Hell have invaded the mortal realm. Players take on the role of the few adventurers standing up to these invaders. They'll fight Hell's armies with melee, ranged and magic attacks. Loot, enemies and challenges will be randomized by the Game Master system.

Hellraid's single-player is a story-driven campaign. The co-op is a four-player, arcade-like experience. While killing monsters, players will compete for both points and rewards. Both sides of the game of the game will feature equipment and character customization as well as weapon crafting.

The game was first announced in August as "Project Hell." The project originated when the Dead Island team created a mod in which players could freeze zombies with magic and then smash them with medieval weapons. The mod was so impressive that Techland began building a full game.

Hellraid is in development for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will launch later this year.