Dead Space 3 launches next Tuesday, Feb. 5, once again thrusting space engineer Isaac Clarke into a whole mess of trouble involving an army run by religious zealots and a bunch of dead bodies that have the tendency to rise from the grave as terrifyingly transformed monsters. For a slice of what’s to come, you can now check out the “Take down the terror” launch trailer.

Fans of the Dead Space series know that the games are all about turning various tools into killer weapons to use against an ever-growing horde of undead monstrosities. At the heart of the tale are these Markers, giant structures that appear to be somehow tied to the creation of life (and un-life, as it turns out) in the universe. You’ll catch a glimpse of one near the end of the Dead Space 3 launch trailer. Basically, wherever these things happen to be, that’s where you’ll also find people going insane, killing themselves and others, then reanimating as twisted versions of their former selves.

Dead Space 3 promises to offer more details about these mysterious Markers, as well as their effect on an Isaac Clarke that may or may not be going insane. And if this newest trailer serves as any indication, those details will be given through a campaign that’s high on action and scares.

Dead Space 3 will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC next Tuesday, Feb. 2. The game also offers seamless co-op for the first time ever, allowing players to join one another for some third-person shooting action between chapters in a story that evolves depending on whether you’re flying solo or with a buddy.

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