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Dead Space 3 only launched today and already we’re talking about the first story-driven DLC content for the title, Awakened, which will be available for download sometime next month. Lovely!

Look, I love the Dead Space series. I’m extremely excited to finally get to play Dead Space 3 this week and, yeah, I will probably be more than willing to shell over some extra dough to get even more story following this initial launch. All I’m saying is, in a time when DLC is taking a lot of heat for various (and usually legitimate) reasons, maybe the time to announce your title’s planned future paid content isn’t the day everyone will be paying for the game itself.

Publisher Electronic Arts feels differently, apparently, as they have today announced the first bit of Dead Space 3 DLC, Awakened, which will set you back an extra $9.99 (800 MSP) in March for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

According to a statement from developer Visceral Games, in the Awakened DLC, “players will experience the franchise’s darkest chapters as the Necromorph battles become even more gruesome and terrifying than ever before.” That sounds great and all but, again, no pitch in this world can make me excited for additional content that’s being talked about before I’ve even gotten my hands on the actual game, especially if said content is coming out in just a few short weeks with a $10 price tag attached.

Visceral’s VP and General Manager Steve Papoutsis, though, seems to be pretty excited about what Awakened will have to offer.

“Gamers are going to be thrown in and out of space, taken to a violent new ice planet and allowed to explore several different abandoned spaceships and caves,” Papoutsis said. “But we’re not stopping there. In Dead Space 3 Awakened, gamers will experience some of the most disturbing content they have ever seen in a Dead Space game—they are going to love it.”