In the Dead Space series, engineer Isaac Clarke battles hordes of horrible creatures called necromorphs. The new story trailer for Dead Space 3 explains how the engineer became an unlikely hero.

The plot of DS revolves around mysterious artifacts called Markers. These objects, first created by aliens, cause any people in the vicinity to hallucinate and go insane. They also turn them into necromorphs.

Clarke survived two of these necromorph outbreaks. He still has hallucinations from time to time, however. In DS3, he travels to the frozen planet of Tau Volantis. Hundreds of years ago, a Marker's outbreak was stopped dead in its tracks on that planet. Clarke hopes that the planet offers clues as to how to stop the necromorph menace permanently.

Necromorphs aren't the only danger that awaits him on Tau Volantis, though. Followers of Unitology, the cult that worships the Markers, are also trying to stop him. He'll need to battle Unitology's heavily armed soldiers in order to complete his quest.

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