Gamers with a thirst for adventure can now go on a whirlwind tour of the globe and more than a few ancient ruins as Deadfall Adventures finally launches for the PC and Xbox 360.

It's been a while coming, but Nordic Games' latest offering is now ready for your gaming consumption in a title that Gaming Blend's own William Usher described as a first-person shooter meets Uncharted in a story waaaay back at the beginning of 2013. You can grab it for the PC or Xbox 360 as of now, gong for 50 smackers, American.

Really, it's easy to see where Usher drew his comparison from. The game features a roguish tomb raider on a quest across the globe in order to pillage ancient structures and shoot an untold number of pirates in the face. The game takes place in three main locations and, to celebrate the launch of Deadfall Adventures, Nordic has released a gameplay trailer focusing on one of said locales: Guatemala.

“Delving into the depths of the Mayan jungle, the trailer reveals the exotic yet hazardous surroundings that the charismatic protagonist, James Lee Quatermain, has to fight his way through,” reads a statement from Nordic. “Players trawling through the ruins of the temples will come across dark supernatural life forms, while being exposed to challenging ancient puzzles in order to locate the Heart of Atlantis.”

Some of those supernatural enemies can be seen in the Guatemala trailer below, including one dude who looks to have borrowed a page from the Book of Wolverine. According to Nordic's PR, Marketing and Franchise Director, Nik Blower, the game's variety of locations, exploration and action combine to make a fast and fun adventure game. Director of Development for The Farm 51, Wojciech Pazdur, agreed. “Directing the vision on our first FPS in the action-adventure genre has been very challenging and rewarding,” Pazdur said. “We felt this first-person aspect of the game would give players the chance to explore in the eyes of Quatermain and the challenges he faces, rather than the typical slightly detached third-person view.”

Running on the Unreal Engine 3, Deadfall Adventures is all about big views, big moments and big gameplay, taking place in the Guatemalan location shown off here, as well as Egypt and the Arctic. From puzzles and traps to explosive set pieces and gunplay, it looks to offer up everything you would expect out of big action title, all for about 20 bucks cheaper than the average game.

Look for Deadfall Adventures now on PC or the 360.

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