Tequila Works has provided us with another trailer from their debut title Deadlight today. This story trailer gives us a glimpse at the bleak, post-apocalyptic future of the Xbox Live Arcade game.

Deadlight takes place in 1986. A disease has turned much of the population into murderous zombies, or something similarly gross. Players take on the role of a lone man trying to make his way across the west coast of the United States.

The trailer shows bits of combat here and there, as the main character shoots the infected or hacks them up with an axe. However, it's not a simple action game. It looks like you'll spend just as much time running from enemies and simply trying to get through the treacherous ruins of cities.

I'm starting to warm up to the art style. The faded colors and black character silhouettes make the game look like some sort of cross between Limbo and The Walking Dead. Everyone's loves a good zombie game so if this ends up turning out to be a quality adventure, well, this could be a sleeper hit just like Limbo or Walking. Deadlight will be available exclusively through XBLA this summer.

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