For fans of one of the most polarizing video games of all time, Deadly Premonition, now is the time to act if you are looking to get to know the game on a whole new level as Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut: The Official Visual Companion receives a 40 percent price drop on iTunes.

A few years back, Deadly Premonition first came screaming onto the scene as an Xbox 360 exclusive. Gamers weren’t quite sure what to make of this bizarre offering at first. It came with a budget price tag, last-gen graphics and a story that was so bizarre that it would have felt perfectly at home within the Twin Peaks mythos. Players take on the role of Agent Francis York Morgan, an FBI operative who is sent to a sleepy little town to investigate the mysterious murder of a local beauty. Along the way, he encounters loads of offbeat characters, additional mysteries and a killer that seems intent on adding to their body count.

Deadly Premonition eventually arrived on the PS3 and PC in the US as a Director’s Cut, featuring some minor graphical and control upgrades, as well as some bonus content. Since everyone seemed to either love or despise the original game, I decided I needed to find out firsthand what all of the fuss was about. In the end, I feel in the camp of individuals who chugged the kool aid, enjoying every minute I spent with this bizarre open world action game.

Shortly after the game’s release, the 350-plus page Visual Companion arrived, offering up a metric ton of content for fans of the game to dig through including:
-Over 100 interactive elements and loads of hidden secrets.
-Read Swery 65’s developer notebook and gain access to behind the scenes notes, storyboards and secrets that let users learn how the game was created.
-Three interactive drag and zoom maps showing everything in the game.
-262 gallery images featuring never-before-seen cocept sketches and high-resolution art.
-Play with the “Listen Here Zach” soundboard and listen to the game’s soundtrack.
-Play for hours with new puzzles, games and the brilliant crime scene creator widget.

Now all of that gaming goodness can be yours on the cheap as Rising Star Games announces a permanent price drop on the Visual Companion. Spoilers abound, so maybe avoid it until you’ve actually played the game yourself. Otherwise, drop by iThunes, plop down your $5.99 and get to exploring the ins and outs of Greenvale all over again.

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