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Syfy and Trion World's Defiance MMO shooter game has managed to make it onto the top 20 list for the most played games in April, grabbing the number 9 spot. This is probably great news for the duo who teamed up to offer gamers and sci-fi aficionados a tie-in, cross-media game and TV show. Free-to-play shooter Warframe also made the list with a massive 42 spot jump since first debuting.

The news comes courtesy of Raptr, who has been releasing their monthly stats recently, giving gamers an idea of what's hot and what's not. I can definitely tell you that SimCity is not hot at all. In fact, after a lot of promotion and marketing and a lot of fanfare going into its launch, the game's dropoff has been so significant that it's not even in the top 20 anymore.

As noted in Raptr's report...
Hit MOBA games League of Legends and DOTA 2 both saw an increase in playtime and active players, though not without competition from a new free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe. Rift rocketed up the charts, thanks in part to a series of Raptr Rewards that brought in new users and encouraged lapsed players to return to the game. SimCity, which placed #20 in the March Most Played list, dropped to #65, with playtime down by 72%.

A 72% drop in playtime is pretty insane. Heck, that's faster than the dropoff rate from Diablo III and Aliens: Colonial Marines, two other games who are no strangers to controversy.

Based on EA's quarterly financial report for Q4 2013, SimCity moved a total of 1.6 million units, half of which were digitally purchased. I imagine all the bad press put a huge halt to the game's sales momentum, the likes of which EA has prepared not to repeat for The Sims 4. The company explicitly made it clear that the newest Sims game will not feature always-on DRM, the same feature that caused lots of raucous contention within the gaming community over EA's recent SimCity release.

Moving on to brighter spots of pasture, Warframe jumping up 42 spots is extremely impressive. I'm glad that Digital Extremes is seeing their hard work pay off. While we haven't been reporting on Warframe as regularly as we could, and the game may suffer from some repetitiveness and a slight lack of action-oriented motivational focus, the game is still a real sight to behold and one of the more visually impressive titles of 2013.

Other games rounding out Raptr's list (not including PS3 titles because Sony doesn't let those numbers go public) are Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the number 1 spot with 8.73% of the player market, followed by League of Legends at number 2 with 6.31% of the player market, DOTA 2 with 3.75%, World of Warcraft in fourth with 2.88% and Minecraft on XBLA rounding out the number five spot 2.72% of the player market share.
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